In Kannabia Seed Company siamo convinti che il nostro lavoro é dedicato ai coltivatori. Influenzati dalle loro preoccupazioni e dalle loro proposte abbiamo deciso di avanzarne alcune per continuare ad sostenere la coltivazione e l’ottimo sviluppo delle nostre varietà. 

KannabiaSeeds continua a crescere così come il nostro catalogo.


Kannabia -
Ven, 26 Ago, 2016
Expoweed has been the first fair of the cannabis sector in Mexico. A meeting point for brands, professionals and amateurs with 8,000 visitors in its three days. Thanks to the meeting, Mexican and interested people from variou...
Kannabia -
Ven, 19 Ago, 2016
The way individuals access cannabis for medical purposes is changing. On August 24th 2016, the “Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations” will replace the “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations”. The main nove...
Kannabia -
Ven, 12 Ago, 2016
Marijuana stirs passions. The recent legalization of cannabis consumption in several US states as well as the debate in many countries around the world about the benefits and medicinal properties of this plant have inspired p...
Kannabia -
Gio, 4 Ago, 2016
Kannabia lives a new adventure next week. This time we are going to Mexico to present all the information and news from our seed bank at Expoweed. Mexico plays a leading role in this sector, on a strong continent in industry...
Kannabia - 10 love songs to marijuana
Ven, 29 Lug, 2016
Marijuana has been and is a great source of inspiration for singers and composers. In Kannabia, we’ve rescued these 10 love songs dedicated to marijuana.  Now you can include it in your playlist while you go on holidays....

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