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Expogrow presenta el cartel completo de su séptimo Festival de Música
by Orders Kannabia on 14/08/18

The Italian España Circo Este and the Portuguese Algazarra complete the lineup for the seventh Expogrow Festival of Music. These last two groups join the four artists already confirmed: El Canijo de Jerez, Bombino, and the two French groups Deluxe and Demi Portion. The concerts will take place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of September.

*The International Cannabis Show will take place in the Ficoba exhibition park (Irun, Basque Country, Spain)

The seventh edition of EXPOGROW has pledged to fill its programme with music to keep its guests dancing. To the confirmed groups are now added two international additions: the Italian España Circo Este and the Portuguese Kumpania Algazarra. The Festival of Music lineup is now complete, with a different DJ every day opening the concerts, followed by...

Australia dice SÍ al uso medicinal del cannabis y NO a su uso recreativo
by Laura Rueda on 08/08/18

Recreational cannabis is prohibited in Australia, but its medicinal use has been legal since February 2016, although patients needing the plant for therapeutic reasons have encountered many issues when it comes to actually accessing it. In 2017 its cultivation was approved, and just this year, 2018, the export of Australian cannabis products was approved.

In this post we´ll tell you more about the cannabis situation in this country of Oceania.


Fallece Alun Jenkins, fundador de Original Sensible Seeds.
by Orders Kannabia on 06/08/18

Kannabia Seeds wants to communicate its great sadness for the loss of a true legend, Alan Jenkins, from the Original Sensible Seed Company.. A pioneer of the hydroponics and seed industry in the United Kingdom, Alan and his partner fought long and hard to secure the rights that the cannabis industry now take for granted. He left his native Wales to settle in Spain where he and his partners founded the highly successful Original Sensible Seed Company.

Alun Jenkins...

Reino Unido da los primeros pasos para legalizar el cannabis terapéutico
by Laura Rueda on 03/08/18

Sajid Javid, the UK Home Secretary, announced a few days ago that the UK will begin to allow prescriptions of cannabis-derived medicines for patients “with an exceptional need.” These measures will become effective in the autumn.

Two high profile cases of children with epilepsy

In the UK there have been two highly publicised cases of children with refractory epilepsy whose families requested cannabis-based oil: Billy...

Miranda de Sexo en Nueva York, candidata cannábica como gobernadora del Estado de NY
by Laura Rueda on 25/07/18

Cynthia Nixon, better known as Miranda Hobbs, the character she played in the series Sex and The City for six series, is standing for governor of New York State. Since March of 2018, when she announced her candidature, it has become normal to see many well known characters from the world of cinema and entertainment on her Instagram page supporting her program. Two of these are the goddesses of comedy Abbi Jacobson and Llana Glazer, creators of the series Broad City.

 The legend of 420, documenting the recent history of cannabis in the US
by Laura Rueda on 19/07/18

The legend of 420 is a film that is currently available on the entertainment channel Netflix. The first few minutes are presented as a fake documentary. According to the narrator, Hitler lost the second world war because shortly beforehand he had discovered hashish in Morocco. This led him to neglect his military strategies, leading to his defeat and the legend of 420. After this joke, begins the real story of the documentary, whose objective is to summarize the development of the...

Cannabis medicinal, recreativo y light, descubre cuáles son legales en Italia
by Laura Rueda on 18/07/18

Medicinal cannabis has been legal In Italy since 2013 and cannabis light triumphing amongst its citizens since 2017, quickly becoming a stable and highly profitable business. Although low THC marijuana is a positive step towards raising awareness and breaking the stigma of the plant, there are still steps to be taken so that recreational cannabis can be regulated. In this post we’ll look at the legal status of cannabis in this Mediterranean peninsula


Cooking on high, la première téléréalité gastronomique de cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 17/07/18

Can you imagine switching on national television and finding a type of cannabis Master Chef? This program exists and we love it! It’s name is Cooking on High and it’s available on Netflix. Gastronomía with a secret ingredient: marijuana! Just like the cooking shows that we know, the participants have a limited time and when it ends, the presenter shouts “Time’s up!”

Cooking on High is the first competitive cannabis gastronomic  program in...

AdvoCanna, routine de beauté cannabique
by Laura Rueda on 16/07/18

The cosmetics industry is a new market niche in countries where cannabis is legal. CBD as a main ingredient against aging. Advocanna is a line line of creams made in the US for daily skin care routine. Its creators, Kim and Alexandra, promise that this cannabinoid will make our complexions look younger, healthier and fresher. Their products are free from THC and are legal at a federal level

After many year using beauty products, Kim and...

El instituto nacional del cáncer reconoce que el cannabis elimina células cancerígenas
by Laura Rueda on 09/07/18

The NCI (National Institute of Cancer) US has published on its website a highly positive study on the future of cannabis as an ally in the treatment of this disease. This research shows that cannabis may kill (and has killed) cancerous cells. At the moment these results are provisional, since they are preclinical studies tested on rodents and in vitro cells, and not in human beings

This is the leading institution in the US in the...

La legalización en Canadá ya tiene fecha: Octubre
by Laura Rueda on 06/07/18

Tuesday 19th June passed into the history books as the date that the Canadian senate passed a law to control the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis for recreational use by 52 votes in favour and 29 against. This law is known as C-45 and has been studied and debated in detail for seven months. It has been 17 years since the country legalised cannabis for medicinal use, in the year 2001.

First it was the Lower House, on Monday...