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by Redacción on 20/02/18

El banco de semillas Kannabia Seeds continúa apoyando a pacientes que cultivan sus propias plantas para uso medicinal, esta vez con una importante donación de semillas, beneficiando a todos aquellos que se traten dolencias y patologías con cannabis, mejorando su calidad de vida.

“Estamos felices de poder colaborar con Fundación Daya y entregar nuestras semillas de excelente calidad, para brindar apoyo a aquellos pacientes que necesitan de ellas”, afirma Zoe, Manager de Kannabia Seeds.

Las semillas de Kannabia han tenido excelentes resultados con pacientes de Fundación Daya. Francisca Medina se acercó a la Fundación para tratar un trastorno de ansiedad que no pudo resolver con los medicamentos tradicionales.

Después de asistir a los talleres de auto cultivo, Francisca recibió una donación de semillas de las cepas White Domina y...

Fundación Daya Culmina exitosos cursos de autocultivo de cannabis
by Redacción on 09/02/18

Un total de 45 personas de todos los rangos etarios finalizaron los cursos de autocultivo de cannabis que impartió Fundación Daya por tres semanas durante el mes de enero.

Los cursos tienen como objetivo principal enseñar cómo cultivar esta planta y así poder utilizar sus propiedades medicinales para que los asistentes puedan montar e iniciar sus propios cultivos caseros preparando productos terapéuticos en base a cannabis.

El profesor a cargo fue Marco Merino,...

St. Philomena Primary School, Uganda
by SAPP on 31/01/18

We are delighted to show you how the classrooms of our project St. Philomena Primary School in Uganda have turned out. You may recall that the first phase of the school complex will be completed once this block of classrooms is finished. This block will house the following classrooms that are missing, finishing this initial phase and ensuring that the children can receive their classes in decent conditions:

  • Middle Class: 1 classroom for 4 year olds
  • P5: 1 classroom for...
Situación legal del cannabis en el Reino Unido
by Pippi Contini on 31/01/18

The first law criminalising the cannabis plant and its derivatives in the UK dates back to the beginning of the 1900s.

In 1920, the "Dangerous Drugs Act" criminalised the possession of cannabis, but medical use of the plant was still permitted until 1961, the year in which, according to the provisions of the United Nations Single Convention Convention on Narcotic Drugs, crop cultivation was also criminalised.

In the eighties, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan began their...

Legality of Cannabis in Greece
by Laura Rueda on 27/01/18

Hashish entered Greece for the first time  in the 19th century, as the War for Greek Independence began against the Ottoman empire. After the Greco-Turkish war, the population of Anatolia- more than one million people- adopted the habit of smoking hashish, which had been brought from Turkey.  Bars were set up where people could smoke openly. In 1890 however the the first decree was passed prohibiting the importation, production, sale and use of cannabis and hash as it constituted an ”...

Why are the most intelligent students most likely to consume cannabis?
by Laura Rueda on 24/01/18

Various studies have shown that people with a higher intellectual coefficient (IQ) are more likely to consume cannabis. Maybe these subjects have a higher predisposition to try new things and live new experiences, or maybe they are more able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. In this article we will review some of the studies that have reached these conclusions over the years

The 70s generation: better grades, higher cannabis use

The Journal of Epidemiology and...

20.000 hectáreas para cultivar cannabis. El Ministerio de Sanidad concede seis licencias para el cultivo con fines terapéutico y de investigación
by Pippi Contini on 17/01/18

In the last couple of months, the Spanish Ministry of Health has granted six licenses to cultivate 20,000 hectares of cannabis for therapeutic and experimental purposes.

Due to these being narcotic substances, neither the Medicines Agency, nor the companies involved are giving much away about this new chapter of therapeutic cannabis in Spain, telling media that they risk losing their licenses in the case of breaking the silence.

Currently the cultivation of cannabis with a THC...

Dernières activités réalisées par SAPP
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This month we bring you news of the latest activities carried out by the association, but not before wishing you a good start to the year 2018.

Universal Wonderful Street Academy

We ended another year having fulfilled our mission to help street children in Accra, Ghana. In addition to providing them with an educational environment where they can learn, we also feed them breakfast and lunch each day, as well as paying for medical assistance when they need it. Those who have completed...

St. Philomena Primary School sigue su progreso en este 2018
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This primary cycle needs the following classrooms:

  • 1 classroom for 3-year olds - Infant class
  • 1 classroom for 4-year olds - Middle Class
  • 1 classroom for 5-year olds - Top Class
  • 1 classroom for 1st year primary - P1
  • 1 classroom for 2nd year primary - P2
  • 1 classroom for 3rd year primary - P3
  • 1 classroom for 4th year primary - P4
  • 1 classroom for 5th year primary - P5
  • 1 classroom for 6th...
How long does THC stay in the saliva?
by Laura Rueda on 12/01/18

How do the active ingredients of cannabis behave in our body when they come into contact with our blood? Are there tests that can positively prove the presence of cannabis in the days and hours after we have consumed it?
I am sure we have all more then once asked ourselves these type of questions.

We are all now totally accustomed to police checks for alcohol on the roads. And people that drink alcohol tend to know how many glasses of beer or wine or other drinks they can have...

Los 5 errores más comunes en el cultivo de semillas de marihuana
by Pippi Contini on 12/01/18

Cannabis is a plant species that grows in all latitudes and its cultivation is quite simple as long as you take into account some essential factors, particularly if you are looking to obtain the best result from your marijuana seeds or marijuana clones/cuttings

In this post we'll discuss the most common mistakes people make when growing marijuana.


The first mistake that a novice grower can make is choosing the...