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Cannabis growing calendar 2018
3 Grow
by Webmaster Kannabia on 03/01/18

Our lunar calendar is a great guide to the best days for germinating, planting, pruning, and harvesting your plants, as well as telling you which days it´s better to stay in bed!

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Better Than the Sun:  Growing With LEDs
2 Grow
by Webmaster Kannabia on 25/10/17
The BEST Way To Grow!

By: Jennawae McLean

There was a time when a super-hot HPS light was the only option for indoor growers. Who isn’t familiar with the bright yellow glow and warmth of a room full of HPS lights with oscillating fans blowing the hot, humid air all around the room? It takes a lot of energy to mimic the sun (which you will notice pretty quickly on your steep electricity bills). Not to mention the cost of regularly replacing burnt out bulbs as well as all the other...

Sorteo entradas ExpoWeed Chile y regalos
by Webmaster Kannabia on 03/10/17

#Kannabistas de Chile, la primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina y desde Kannabia Seeds Company queremos festejarlo con vosotros. Si vas a tu Growshop habitual y compras alguna de nuestras fantásticas variedades de semillas, dile al vendedor que quieres participar en el sorteo de Kannabia Seeds Company.

¿En qué consiste el sorteo?

De entre todos los Kannabistas que compréis en vuestro Growshop habitual un pack de Kannabia Seeds Company sortearemos 2 entradas para Expoweed, un kit de...

Sorteamos una suscripción a HBO durante tres meses
by Webmaster Kannabia on 07/07/17
No es época de manta y sofá, pero te vamos a dejar clavado en tu casa durante gran parte del verano...

Asumimos nuestra parte de responsabilidad si al acabar el verano no has cogido ni un rayo de sol, ya que comenzamos julio con fuerza y en Kannabia Seed Company queremos con un fabuloso sorteo de una suscripción a HBO España durante 3 meses. Y sabes lo que esto significa.... ¡Un abono para ver la nueva temporada de Juego de Tronos!

¿Y cómo participar? ¡Es muy fácil!

Dos opciones:...

Vaponic Prize draw for World No Tobacco Day
by Webmaster Kannabia on 01/06/17

We´d like to celebrate World No Tobacco Day with you, and here at Kannabia we know just the thing...

A prize draw to win a free VAPONICS for 3 lucky participants.

Cut out the smoke, and bring more good vibes into your life! :) Feeling lucky? Entry is easy!


  1. Buy a Kannabia Pack from our website.
  2. Fill out the following form.

Prize draw entry open from the 1st to the...

We are raffling a ticket for Bilbao BBK Live
by Webmaster Kannabia on 01/05/17

We would like to celebrate the International Working Day with you, because life is not just about working...

At Kannabia Seed Company we would like to reclaim our right to have free time, leisure, having fun and enjoy. And so that you have the opportunity to have fun, we would like to raffle a ticket for the Bilbao BBK Live 17 festival for 7 th of July.

Interested in participating? It is very easy!

You can choose between any of this two options:

  1. Buying Kannabia...
We are raffling a 6 months gift subscription to Netflix
by Webmaster Kannabia on 19/04/17

Would you like to celebrate 420 with us? But don't worry, we are not asking you to come with us to a big demonstration, not even leaving your home. We want to encourage you to stay glued to your coach...

At Kannabia Seed Company we would like to celebrate this date raffling a gift card for 6 months subscription to Netflix.

Interested in participating? It is very easy!

You can choose between any of this two options:

  1. Buying Kannabia Packs in our web.
  2. ...
Nueva web de Kannabia
by Webmaster Kannabia on 13/02/17

At Kannabia Seed Company we are really convinced that 2017 will be our year. For the last weeks we feel full of energy, overwhelmed by ideas and we are beginning a never ending list of new projects.

One of them is the launching of our web page. We have been working on it for a while and we are sure that it will offer a much richer virtual experience to our users.

We were really looking forward that the "face" of Kannabia Seed Company on the net goes a step forward. So, besides...

Introducing our partners: today, Zamnesia
by Webmaster Kannabia on 31/01/17


Zamnesia has been in constant operation since 2002, supplying cannabis seeds and other products to a very satisfied following of open-minded folk who prefer an alternative approach to enjoying life to the fullest. Over the past 15 years, they have grown a wealth of experience of all things cannabis, making them leaders in the industry. In addition to their knowledgeable in-house crew, they also have access to an extensive network of the...

Calendario Solidario por tus compras en diciembre
by Webmaster Kannabia on 14/12/16

For all orders taken online during the month of December, Kannabia is giving away this fabulous La Restinga calender. Our stock is limited, so hurry up and buy your Christmas gifts  -or self-treats  - now!

What projects receive a contribution for with your purchases from Kannabia?

La Restinga is a NGO with headquarters in Iquitos, Peru which has been ...