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El dios del vapeo, cuadernos cannábicos y Broccoli Mag, historias de Instagram
by Laura Rueda on 21/06/18

Instagram is the social network of the moment. Through it, just like Twitter and Facebook in their day, we can find fascinating stories from fans that capture our attention. We've selected a few from the world of cannabis to show you some projects and life stories that their creators choose to show us through this medium.


The vaping god

Austin Lawrence is only 22 years old and has almost two...

La cadena de supermercados Lidl vende cannabis en Suiza
by Laura Rueda on 14/06/18

On the 19th April 2018, the supermarket chain Lidl issued a press statement with the title "Lidl Switzerland brings cannabidiol products to its stores". In this statement, the German company announced that it was extending its range to include two items with cannabidiol (CBD) from the startup The Botanicals.  Made from cannabis cultivated in Switzerland, and considered by the supermarket as a tobacco substitute, these products are produced using sustainable farming and without any...

Cannabis y sexo: Todo lo que necesitas saber. Entrevista a Ashley Manta
by Laura Rueda on 04/06/18


Laura Rueda: Sex and cannabis... When do you discover that this combination is perfect and that they are good allies? 

Ashley Manta: People have been mixing sex and cannabis for much longer than I've been alive so I wouldn't presume to say I discovered it, but it was after I moved to California from Pennsylvania in 2013 that I realized that there was a lot more to sex and cannabis than just lighting up a joint and...

Trucos para mantener tus semillas de marihuana a salvo
by Laura Rueda on 24/05/18

Your cannabis seeds are living things and the quality of your future harvest depend on them. Therefore, although they are reputed to be very resistant, until you cultivate them, it is essential to keep them away from external factors like extreme temperatures, humidity and exposure to light or air. If you are one of those who buys extra seeds and has to guard them until next harvest, this post is for you!

Conserving your seeds well is key...

La venta de cannabis con hasta un 1% de THC es legal en Suiza
by Laura Rueda on 24/05/18

Switzerland has always drawn our attention for its versatile penknives, its creamy cheeses and its precise clocks. These days, additionally, it is notable for becoming the first country to sell “Cannabis Light” in the Lidl supermarket chain, as a “natural tobacco substitute”. In this post we will do a tour of the cannabis laws in this multilingual landlocked country.

They say that cannabis is illegal in Switzerland, but this statement has...

Trucs pour que l’odeur de ta culture de cannabis soit plus discrète
by Laura Rueda on 09/05/18

We can’t really say that the smell of a cannabis cultivation is discreet. To make matters worse, the legal situation in many countries means that cannabis fragrance is not something to boast about. For this reason many people may be interested to know how to mask this fragrance as much as possible. In this post we will tell you some formulas to ensure that the air surrounding your plants stays clean and scent-free. We will begin with propositions for indoor cultivation, going on to...

More and more millenial women are using cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 09/05/18

Eaze is medical marijuana delivery service in the US. A few months ago they conducted a survey, using as a sample 10,000 users of the plant in California. The results confirm something that we knew intuitively - more and more women across the world are becoming cannabis users. And it has revealed a new fact, that many women of the millennial generation are using it as part of their personal care.

Eaze is a North American company which is...

Quim rock, la salud empieza por tu placer
by Laura Rueda on 09/05/18

Many of us have the theory that cannabis is (and has been and will be) a highly potent and empowering ally for women. Especially in these times of conquest of rights in which we started to fight to break with imposed and established, in which we achieve the real equality which we should already have achieved. One of the many aspects which still remain taboo is sexuality. Today we learn about the US initiative “Quim Rock”, lubricants made with cannabis.


Israel works towards total legalization of cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 02/05/18

The first name that comes to mind when we think about the cannabis situation in Israel is Raphael Mechoulam, better known as the father of THC, the main active ingredient of the plant. This researcher and professor of medical chemistry and natural products, gained popularity for having isolated and determined the structure and synthesis of THC. As well as being a student of the endocannabinoid system, he was awarded the Israel Award for his work. Mechoulam began his studies in the...

“Get the weed”, the film where Pepe Mújica leads a world mission
by Laura Rueda on 28/04/18

Last Festival of Malaga Cinema in Spanish,the Uruguayan film Get the Weed won the Public Prize in the ZonaZine section. One of the leading characters of this film is the very same ex-President of Uruguay, Pepe Mujica, who in the film is the leader of a mission, The objective of the team is to travel to Denver, New York and Washington DC to find 50 tons of cannabis to supply their country.

Get the Weed is a fake documentary, which mixes...