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St. Philomena Primary School, Uganda
by SAPP on 31/01/18

We are delighted to show you how the classrooms of our project St. Philomena Primary School in Uganda have turned out. You may recall that the first phase of the school complex will be completed once this block of classrooms is finished. This block will house the following classrooms that are missing, finishing this initial phase and ensuring that the children can receive their classes in decent conditions:

  • Middle Class: 1 classroom for 4 year olds
  • P5: 1 classroom for...
Dernières activités réalisées par SAPP
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This month we bring you news of the latest activities carried out by the association, but not before wishing you a good start to the year 2018.

Universal Wonderful Street Academy

We ended another year having fulfilled our mission to help street children in Accra, Ghana. In addition to providing them with an educational environment where they can learn, we also feed them breakfast and lunch each day, as well as paying for medical assistance when they need it. Those who have completed...

L’école Primaire St. Philomena continue à progresser en 2018
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This primary cycle needs the following classrooms:

  • 1 classroom for 3-year olds - Infant class
  • 1 classroom for 4-year olds - Middle Class
  • 1 classroom for 5-year olds - Top Class
  • 1 classroom for 1st year primary - P1
  • 1 classroom for 2nd year primary - P2
  • 1 classroom for 3rd year primary - P3
  • 1 classroom for 4th year primary - P4
  • 1 classroom for 5th year primary - P5
  • 1 classroom for 6th...