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We went to Expoweed in Santiago de Chile
Thu, 14/12/2017 - 16:52

For several years, the month of December has begun in a slightly unusual way for the Kannabia Seed Company team. When we begin to feel the arrival of Christmas in the air, it is time to pack our suitcases and make the jump to the southern hemisphere.

So once again we attended the Chilean meeting that brings together all the supporters of marijuana at Expoweed 2017, at O'Higgins Park. On the other side of the world there was spring, sun and, of course, the smell of weed…

The weather was kind to us and the park O'Higgins Park was not, fortunately, as hot as other years, which allowed visitors to walk round our stands and see the new Kannabia Seed products. This year it was the turn of our catalogue, with new autoflowering strains that were not yet available on the market. There were many visitors who went away with  a magnificent souvenir of our brand. They also got the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge of the new releases of brands such as Pure Factory. It was the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience of all the products dedicated to home grows.

In addition, we must not forget that Expoweed is accompanied by a concert...

New legal limbo for Catalonia´s cannabis associations
Tue, 12/12/2017 - 12:38

On December 4 the Constitutional Court accepted the appeal of unconstitutionality brought by the Council of Ministers against five autonomous laws, including the law that regulates cannabis clubs in Catalonia, reducing cannabis consumer associations to a new state of "legal limbo".

The Catalan law approved by the Catalonian Parliament in June, came after years of legal loopholes and claims by the cannabis associations. The regulation was largely driven by a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) called Rosa Verda which by January 2016 had collected more than 67,000 signatures and culminated in the approval of the law 13/2017.

The main objective of the law was to regulate the consumption of cannabis, a phenomenon with which the prohibitionist policies had not been able to cope.

"After more than half a century of prohibitionist and repressive policies towards the consumption of cannabis in both Catalonia and in much of the world, there is still a significant part of the population in our country that consumes this substance in a...

Congress approves creation of sub-commission to study therapeutic cannabis treatments
Fri, 01/12/2017 - 12:17

With 36 votes in favor and just 1 against, Last Tuesday Congress approved the creation of a Subcommittee of the Commission of Health and Social Services of the Chamber to study therapeutic treatments with cannabis and its derivatives.
The initiative, presented in April by the Parliamentary Group of Citizens, highlights the fact that in Spain many patients find relief from the symptoms of their diseases with the use of cannabis and intends to "Create a Subcommittee, within the Health Commission and Social Services, on the therapeutic use of cannabis, taking into account national experiences and international conventions and experiences and based on the scientific evidence of guarantee in terms of patient health ".

The proposal emphasizes the huge body of scientific evidence that demonstrates the efficacy of cannabis in the cure, or in the relief of symptoms, of various pathologies, as well as its effectiveness as a compliment to chemotherapy therapies.

As if this were not proof enough, cannabis, states the proposal, has been used in Indian and Chinese medicine since ancient times, only being removed as a pharmaceutical option in the mid-twentieth...

La historia de Nicky (2009-2017): El perro pionero en el uso del cannabis medicinal en Latinoamérica
Wed, 29/11/2017 - 17:44

Nicky will be remembered as one of the pioneering animals in the veterinary use of medicinal cannabis in Latin America, due to the successful cannabis-based treatment used to manage his epilepsy, an illness that was diagnosed at two years of age, and over time stopped responding to traditional medicines.

A native of Temuco, Nicky arrived at the home of Eduardo Rodríguez and Carol Cárcamo in Arica, a city in the extreme north of Chile, as a puppy of a month and a half. Unfortunately after more than four years of controlling his seizures with the therapeutic use of cannabis, Nicky died just a couple of months ago.

"he was always a very regal dog. Since his first arrival at our house he slept in our bed and he liked to sleep on my pillow when he was little. At first when we took him to the beach, he was afraid of the water, but with the passage of time he began to bathe and enjoy the sea”, recalls Carol, his caregiver.

His "owners" never saw Nicky as a pet, but as a member of the family. He was born on March 11, 2009 in Temuco, southern Chile, and was the first of a litter of ten puppies. Carol remembers him as a very devoted being...

Canadá promete legalizar la marihuana para julio 2018
Mon, 27/11/2017 - 18:03

Last April the Government of Canada presented the House of Commons with a bill for the legalization of marijuana (Bill C-45 or the Cannabis Act) that they hope to pass in Parliament by July next year.

A law, they promise, that prioritizes the security of Canadian citizens, guaranteeing tough access restrictions for minors and the control of a market currently in the hands of organized crime.

When the new law comes into force, Canadian citizens of legal age will be able to grow up to 4 plants per household and have up to 30 grams of dried cannabis flowers that they can purchase at authorized sites.

For the production and sale of marijuana, companies will need a special authorization from the federal government. Rules on distribution and restrictions on possession, sale and use will be governed by the provinces.

Authorizations and licenses are one of the major issues up for debate in the following weeks.

Pepitas Taylor, the Minister of Health, in an interview with CBC, answered Canadian citizens’ fears that only large companies would be able access the cannabis market, by assuring that licenses would also be granted to small ‘craft’ producers....

Enfermeras investigan sobre la calidad de vida en adultos mayores que utilizan cannabis con fines medicinales
Wed, 15/11/2017 - 14:33

Motivated by the social and educational role that good health professionals must fulfill, nursing students Tamara Albertazzo, Pamela Carrasco, María José Figueroa and Carmen Sanhueza, decided to make their nursing degree thesis subject: "Quality of life of older adults who use alternative therapies with products derived from cannabis "

This work, which makes them pioneers in research on the medicinal use of cannabis by nurses Chile, seemed interesting and was inspired by one of the missions that every health professional should have: "As nurses we have an informative task and we must provide patients with options so that they can choose the therapy that will best improve their quality of life”, said Pamela Carrasco, a member of the group that received their nursing degree this year from the Andrés Bello University.

The young women knew beforehand of the work carried out by Fundación Daya in the field of medicinal cannabis, so they decided to work together with the organization to give more weight to their research. "The Foundation does a great job with patients advising and supporting anybody interested in this alternative therapy," said...

Sorteo entradas ExpoWeed Chile y regalos
Tue, 03/10/2017 - 11:10

#Kannabistas de Chile, la primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina y desde Kannabia Seeds Company queremos festejarlo con vosotros. Si vas a tu Growshop habitual y compras alguna de nuestras fantásticas variedades de semillas, dile al vendedor que quieres participar en el sorteo de Kannabia Seeds Company.

¿En qué consiste el sorteo?

De entre todos los Kannabistas que compréis en vuestro Growshop habitual un pack de Kannabia Seeds Company sortearemos 2 entradas para Expoweed, un kit de merchandising (gorra, bolsa de tela, polera de manga corta y una polera de manga larga)

¿Cómo participar?
  1. Cuando compres tu pack de Kannabia Seeds en tu tienda, dile al vendedor que quieres participar en el sorteo de Kannabia Seeds, para ello, te pedirá tu nombre y tu correo electrónico.
  2. Recibirás en el correo que le has proporcionado al vendedor y es necesario que confirmes ese correo electrónico (si no, no contará tu participación)
  3. El 2 de noviembre de 2017 se realizará el sorteo y se contactará por el correo electrónico proporcionado con el ganador.

Tienes de plazo desde el 15 de septiembre hasta el 31 de octubre.

Para más información,...

Premium Days
Fri, 08/09/2017 - 08:24

Kannabistas, if you already know us, you ´ll have realised that we're a little KRAZY!! So from the 8th to the 30st of September, our PREMIUM DAYS are back!

Place your order of any feminised or autoflowering premium strain and you´lll get 30% DISCOUNT.

*Discount valid solely on stated strains.

Sorteamos una suscripción a HBO durante tres meses
Fri, 07/07/2017 - 00:00
No es época de manta y sofá, pero te vamos a dejar clavado en tu casa durante gran parte del verano...

Asumimos nuestra parte de responsabilidad si al acabar el verano no has cogido ni un rayo de sol, ya que comenzamos julio con fuerza y en Kannabia Seed Company queremos con un fabuloso sorteo de una suscripción a HBO España durante 3 meses. Y sabes lo que esto significa.... ¡Un abono para ver la nueva temporada de Juego de Tronos!

¿Y cómo participar? ¡Es muy fácil!

Dos opciones:

  1. Realiza una compra de Packs Kannabia en nuestra web.
  2. Rellena el formulario de participación que encontrarás a continuación.

Tienes de plazo desde el 7 de julio hasta el 17 de julio de 2017 para cualquiera de las dos opciones.

*Participar en el sorteo supone aceptar las condiciones expuestas más abajo.

Vaponic Prize draw for World No Tobacco Day
Thu, 01/06/2017 - 11:23

We´d like to celebrate World No Tobacco Day with you, and here at Kannabia we know just the thing...

A prize draw to win a free VAPONICS for 3 lucky participants.

Cut out the smoke, and bring more good vibes into your life! :) Feeling lucky? Entry is easy!


  1. Buy a Kannabia Pack from our website.
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Prize draw entry open from the 1st to the 9th of June. To participate just buy a pack of Kannabia seeds or fill out the form. Don't miss out!

*By participating in this raffle, you accept the terms and conditions stated below.