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Australia dice SÍ al uso medicinal del cannabis y NO a su uso recreativo
by Laura Rueda on 08/08/18

Recreational cannabis is prohibited in Australia, but its medicinal use has been legal since February 2016, although patients needing the plant for therapeutic reasons have encountered many issues when it comes to actually accessing it. In 2017 its cultivation was approved, and just this year, 2018, the export of Australian cannabis products was approved.

In this post we´ll tell you more about the cannabis situation in this country of Oceania.

Recreational Cannabis, a pending issue

Although recreational cannabis is illegal in Australia, it is the substance most consumed by its citizens. The growth, sale and transport of cannabis for recreational ends is prohibited and may be penalised in all parts of the country, but in 2012, a study carried out by the UN revealed that the countries with the greatest number of cannabis consumers worldwide were Australia, New Zealand, North America, and various parts of Western Europe.

There is no...

Fallece Alun Jenkins, fundador de Original Sensible Seeds.
by Orders Kannabia on 06/08/18

Kannabia Seeds wants to communicate its great sadness for the loss of a true legend, Alan Jenkins, from the Original Sensible Seed Company.. A pioneer of the hydroponics and seed industry in the United Kingdom, Alan and his partner fought long and hard to secure the rights that the cannabis industry now take for granted. He left his native Wales to settle in Spain where he and his partners founded the highly successful Original Sensible Seed Company.

Alun Jenkins...

Miranda de Sexo en Nueva York, candidata cannábica como gobernadora del Estado de NY
by Laura Rueda on 25/07/18

Cynthia Nixon, better known as Miranda Hobbs, the character she played in the series Sex and The City for six series, is standing for governor of New York State. Since March of 2018, when she announced her candidature, it has become normal to see many well known characters from the world of cinema and entertainment on her Instagram page supporting her program. Two of these are the goddesses of comedy Abbi Jacobson and Llana Glazer, creators of the series Broad City.

 The legend of 420, documenting the recent history of cannabis in the US
by Laura Rueda on 19/07/18

The legend of 420 is a film that is currently available on the entertainment channel Netflix. The first few minutes are presented as a fake documentary. According to the narrator, Hitler lost the second world war because shortly beforehand he had discovered hashish in Morocco. This led him to neglect his military strategies, leading to his defeat and the legend of 420. After this joke, begins the real story of the documentary, whose objective is to summarize the development of the...

La legalización en Canadá ya tiene fecha: Octubre
by Laura Rueda on 06/07/18

Tuesday 19th June passed into the history books as the date that the Canadian senate passed a law to control the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis for recreational use by 52 votes in favour and 29 against. This law is known as C-45 and has been studied and debated in detail for seven months. It has been 17 years since the country legalised cannabis for medicinal use, in the year 2001.

First it was the Lower House, on Monday...

EasyJoint, Green Gold Rush Fever in Italy
by Laura Rueda on 04/07/18

EasyJoint is the new revolution in Italy: the brand, created by Luca Marola, has positioned itself as the market leader of cannabis light in the country. There are already more than 450 points of sale covering the whole of Italy, of this project specialising in low THC marijuana. This trend, which has triumphed across the board, has been a total revolution in the Mediterranean peninsula and, according to the International newspaper, The New York Times, it’s already being called “...

Inglaterra evalúa permitir uso de cannabis medicinal
by Fundación Daya on 27/06/18

Tras conocerse el caso de Billy, un niño de 12 años con epilepsia el gobierno inglés decidió revisar la legislación para presentar cambios que eviten casos como este.

La semana pasada Billy Caldwell de 12 años debió ser hospitalizado después de que las autoridades británicas le confiscaran su aceite de cannabis, que utilizaba como tratamiento para la epilepsia. La madre de Billy decidió viajar a Canadá para obtener el medicamento, después de que le prohibieran a su médico seguir...

Fundación Daya y Policía de Investigaciones crean mesa de trabajo para la protección de la sociedad civil y los derechos humanos
by Fundación Daya on 15/06/18

Fundación Daya realiza exitosa mesa de trabajo con Policía de Investigaciones para continuar con la protección a la sociedad civil y minizar vulneraciones a derechos humanos

El pasado viernes 12 de mayo Fundación Daya junto a PDI realizaron una exitosa mesa de trabajo enfocada en la garantía de los derechos humanos a los usuarios de cannabis medicinal, con el objetivo de estar alineados como organizaciones y...

Con amplia mayoría se aprueba #Leycultivoseguro y es despachado al Senado
by Fundación Daya on 06/06/18

Hoy en un hecho histórico fue aprobado con amplia mayoría el proyecto #Leycultivoseguro, modificación al Código Sanitario que permitirá que la prescripción médica sea autorización suficiente para el cultivo y cosecha personal de cannabis, para limitar las facultades de detención o incautación, cuando no hay antecedentes de tráfico.

El proyecto impulsado por la diputada Karol Cariola y por organizaciones como Mamá Cultiva, Fundación Daya y la Corporacion...

La venta de cannabis con hasta un 1% de THC es legal en Suiza
by Laura Rueda on 24/05/18

Switzerland has always drawn our attention for its versatile penknives, its creamy cheeses and its precise clocks. These days, additionally, it is notable for becoming the first country to sell “Cannabis Light” in the Lidl supermarket chain, as a “natural tobacco substitute”. In this post we will do a tour of the cannabis laws in this multilingual landlocked country.

They say that cannabis is illegal in Switzerland, but this statement has...

La compañía Salus Granatensis continúa con su compromiso de colaboración con SAPP
by SAPP on 15/05/18

Para dar a conocer el trabajo de nuestra asociación la compañía Salus Granatensis continúa con su compromiso de colaboración con SAPP. Además, ofrece los mejores seguros a los voluntarios que necesitan de un seguro de asistencia sanitaria en el extranjero.
¡Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo, sobre todo a Manuel José Gómez!

Además de este agradecimiento, no queremos dejar la oportunidad de hacer lo...