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Depuis l’Universal Street Academy, Belinda nous a fait savoir qu’elle veut être
by SAPP on 12/04/18

Amongst our objectives we have to offer our children a complete formation and not neglect any aspect of their life. Because of this, we offer not just education but also teach values to ensure that they develop personally and professionally.

In this vein, we have heard from Belinda, who from the Universal Street Academy, has let us know that she would like to be a secretary, and in order to help her dream come true, we have sent her a computer. In this way she can continue training to fulfill her dream.

At school, we continue to teach our children ways of life, including morning prayers.

We also send the materials and food that we receive as donations of our associates. During the past month, Louis Yeboah Womder Doe and other volunteers have been to visit the academy to see how the children are progressing in their studies

Experiences of a volunteer in Toga

Eva Gruesa was in the volunteer program of...

St. Philomena Primary School, Uganda
by SAPP on 31/01/18

We are delighted to show you how the classrooms of our project St. Philomena Primary School in Uganda have turned out. You may recall that the first phase of the school complex will be completed once this block of classrooms is finished. This block will house the following classrooms that are missing, finishing this initial phase and ensuring that the children can receive their classes in decent conditions:

  • Middle Class: 1 classroom for 4 year olds
  • P5: 1 classroom for...
Why are the most intelligent students most likely to consume cannabis?
by Laura Rueda on 24/01/18

Various studies have shown that people with a higher intellectual coefficient (IQ) are more likely to consume cannabis. Maybe these subjects have a higher predisposition to try new things and live new experiences, or maybe they are more able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. In this article we will review some of the studies that have reached these conclusions over the years

The 70s generation: better grades, higher cannabis use

The Journal of Epidemiology and...

Dernières activités réalisées par SAPP
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This month we bring you news of the latest activities carried out by the association, but not before wishing you a good start to the year 2018.

Universal Wonderful Street Academy

We ended another year having fulfilled our mission to help street children in Accra, Ghana. In addition to providing them with an educational environment where they can learn, we also feed them breakfast and lunch each day, as well as paying for medical assistance when they need it. Those who have completed...

St Philomena Primary School continues its progress in 2018
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This primary cycle needs the following classrooms:

  • 1 classroom for 3-year olds - Infant class
  • 1 classroom for 4-year olds - Middle Class
  • 1 classroom for 5-year olds - Top Class
  • 1 classroom for 1st year primary - P1
  • 1 classroom for 2nd year primary - P2
  • 1 classroom for 3rd year primary - P3
  • 1 classroom for 4th year primary - P4
  • 1 classroom for 5th year primary - P5
  • 1 classroom for 6th...
What are the differences between Cannabis Indica and Sativa?
by Laura Rueda on 26/12/17

Many people approaching cannabis for the first time have doubts about its properties and uses. Are all strains the same? Are there some special varieties for medicinal use and others for recreational use? Are there differences between Cannabis Indica and Sativa? Is one better at a certain time of day than the other? 

Cannabis Indica and Sativa are two different species and have many characteristics by which they can be distinguished.  Origin, effects,...

Nos fuimos a la Expoweed de Santiago de Chile
by Roberto Kannabia on 14/12/17

For several years, the month of December has begun in a slightly unusual way for the Kannabia Seed Company team. When we begin to feel the arrival of Christmas in the air, it is time to pack our suitcases and make the jump to the southern hemisphere.

So once again we attended the Chilean meeting that brings together all the supporters of marijuana at Expoweed 2017, at O'Higgins Park. On the other side of the world there was spring, sun and, of course, the smell of weed…

Sorteo entradas ExpoWeed Chile y regalos
by Webmaster Kannabia on 03/10/17

#Kannabistas de Chile, la primavera está a la vuelta de la esquina y desde Kannabia Seeds Company queremos festejarlo con vosotros. Si vas a tu Growshop habitual y compras alguna de nuestras fantásticas variedades de semillas, dile al vendedor que quieres participar en el sorteo de Kannabia Seeds Company.

¿En qué consiste el sorteo?

De entre todos los Kannabistas que compréis en vuestro Growshop habitual un pack de Kannabia Seeds Company sortearemos 2 entradas para Expoweed, un kit de...

Las ‘monjas de la marihuana’ ya tienen documental
by Redacción on 26/09/17

Estas hermanas viven en una granja en el condado de Merced, en el Valle Central de California, donde visten sus hábitos, meditan y rezan para sanar y ayudar al mundo como cualquier otra congregación religiosa, y además cultivan marihuana y la envían por correo para paliar el dolor del mundo. Son las Hermanas del valle, pero todo el mundo las conoce como las “monjas de la marihuana”. 

La hermana Kate, fundadora de esta peculiar orden, asegura que su santísima Trinidad es la planta de...

El primer anuncio de cannabis en televisión
by Redacción on 12/09/17

Un bufete de abogados especializados en casos relacionados con el cannabis ha lanzado en Estados Unidos el primer anuncio televisivo a nivel nacional sobre marihuana.  CNN, Fox News y Viceland entre otros, son los canales en los que el bufete ha conseguido colar su spot sorteando los requerimientos de los canales. 

The Hoban Law Group es la firma de abogados especializada en todo lo concerniente a la cannabis, tanto en lo que respecta a la marihuana...

Alicia Castilla y Daniel Vidart, una vida dedicada al cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 09/09/17

Esta es una historia de un activismo sin postureos. De ilusión sin filtros. De amor sin edad. De trabajo cómplice. De pasión desmedida y compartida por una planta que ha demostrado ser esperanza. Alicia Castilla y Daniel Vidart forman un tándem muy particular. Esta investigadora argentina y este antropólogo uruguayo son pareja, se casaron en 2014, y dedican su vida al estudio y activismo de los derechos de la marihuana, demostrando que el movimiento cannábico es bastante diverso y harían...