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El dios del vapeo, cuadernos cannábicos y Broccoli Mag, historias de Instagram
by Laura Rueda on 21/06/18

Instagram is the social network of the moment. Through it, just like Twitter and Facebook in their day, we can find fascinating stories from fans that capture our attention. We've selected a few from the world of cannabis to show you some projects and life stories that their creators choose to show us through this medium.


The vaping god

Austin Lawrence is only 22 years old and has almost two million followers on Instagram. He defines himself as an enthusiastic vaper, but in the cannabis world he is known as the vaping god. And the name is well deserved, he is a real magician performing all kinds of visual juggling tricks. This genius of smoke forms many figures using his mouth, his hands and his nose: double loops, multiple spheres, flying saucers ... even a circle that he can guide with his hand, like a Dragon Ball wave. This curious hobby of his began when he stopped smoking...

Abre en Málaga la primera tienda especializada en productos de cáñamo y CBD de España
by Orders Kannabia on 08/06/18

El jueves 7 de junio se inauguró I joint CBD, una franquicia pionera que espera llevar por todo el país su amplio catálogo de derivados del cáñamo legal: CBD medicinal, productos alimenticios, ropa, bio cosmética, merchandising… La revolución está aquí y tiene sede en la Costa del Sol.

El cáñamo está viviendo una nueva época de esplendor, en parte, gracias a las pasiones que despierta el CBD. Multitud de...

Cannabis y sexo: Todo lo que necesitas saber. Entrevista a Ashley Manta
by Laura Rueda on 04/06/18


Laura Rueda: Sex and cannabis... When do you discover that this combination is perfect and that they are good allies? 

Ashley Manta: People have been mixing sex and cannabis for much longer than I've been alive so I wouldn't presume to say I discovered it, but it was after I moved to California from Pennsylvania in 2013 that I realized that there was a lot more to sex and cannabis than just lighting up a joint and...

La compañía Salus Granatensis continúa con su compromiso de colaboración con SAPP
by SAPP on 15/05/18

Para dar a conocer el trabajo de nuestra asociación la compañía Salus Granatensis continúa con su compromiso de colaboración con SAPP. Además, ofrece los mejores seguros a los voluntarios que necesitan de un seguro de asistencia sanitaria en el extranjero.
¡Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo, sobre todo a Manuel José Gómez!

Además de este agradecimiento, no queremos dejar la oportunidad de hacer lo...

More and more millenial women are using cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 09/05/18

Eaze is medical marijuana delivery service in the US. A few months ago they conducted a survey, using as a sample 10,000 users of the plant in California. The results confirm something that we knew intuitively - more and more women across the world are becoming cannabis users. And it has revealed a new fact, that many women of the millennial generation are using it as part of their personal care.

Eaze is a North American company which is...

“Get the weed”, the film where Pepe Mújica leads a world mission
by Laura Rueda on 28/04/18

Last Festival of Malaga Cinema in Spanish,the Uruguayan film Get the Weed won the Public Prize in the ZonaZine section. One of the leading characters of this film is the very same ex-President of Uruguay, Pepe Mujica, who in the film is the leader of a mission, The objective of the team is to travel to Denver, New York and Washington DC to find 50 tons of cannabis to supply their country.

Get the Weed is a fake documentary, which mixes...

Desde la Universal Street Academy, Belinda nos ha hecho saber que quiere ser secretaria
by SAPP on 12/04/18

Amongst our objectives we have to offer our children a complete formation and not neglect any aspect of their life. Because of this, we offer not just education but also teach values to ensure that they develop personally and professionally.

In this vein, we have heard from Belinda, who from the Universal Street Academy, has let us know that she would like to be a secretary, and in order to help her dream come true, we have sent her a computer. In this way...

St. Philomena Primary School, Uganda
by SAPP on 31/01/18

We are delighted to show you how the classrooms of our project St. Philomena Primary School in Uganda have turned out. You may recall that the first phase of the school complex will be completed once this block of classrooms is finished. This block will house the following classrooms that are missing, finishing this initial phase and ensuring that the children can receive their classes in decent conditions:

  • Middle Class: 1 classroom for 4 year olds
  • P5: 1 classroom for...
Why are the most intelligent students most likely to consume cannabis?
by Laura Rueda on 24/01/18

Various studies have shown that people with a higher intellectual coefficient (IQ) are more likely to consume cannabis. Maybe these subjects have a higher predisposition to try new things and live new experiences, or maybe they are more able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. In this article we will review some of the studies that have reached these conclusions over the years

The 70s generation: better grades, higher cannabis use

The Journal of Epidemiology and...

Dernières activités réalisées par SAPP
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This month we bring you news of the latest activities carried out by the association, but not before wishing you a good start to the year 2018.

Universal Wonderful Street Academy

We ended another year having fulfilled our mission to help street children in Accra, Ghana. In addition to providing them with an educational environment where they can learn, we also feed them breakfast and lunch each day, as well as paying for medical assistance when they need it. Those who have completed...

St Philomena Primary School continues its progress in 2018
by SAPP on 12/01/18

This primary cycle needs the following classrooms:

  • 1 classroom for 3-year olds - Infant class
  • 1 classroom for 4-year olds - Middle Class
  • 1 classroom for 5-year olds - Top Class
  • 1 classroom for 1st year primary - P1
  • 1 classroom for 2nd year primary - P2
  • 1 classroom for 3rd year primary - P3
  • 1 classroom for 4th year primary - P4
  • 1 classroom for 5th year primary - P5
  • 1 classroom for 6th...