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Calendrier culture marijuana 2018
by Webmaster Kannabia on 03/01/18

Our lunar calendar is a great guide to the best days for germinating, planting, pruning, and harvesting your plants, as well as telling you which days it´s better to stay in bed!

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Calendar developed by Kannabia Seed Company using as source the book “Lunario 2018. Calendario Lunar para el huerto y el jardín ecológicos, y para tu salud (Michel Gros)”., el camino de Valencia a Santiago de Chile
by Redacción on 26/12/17

Desde Kannabia Seed Company queríamos aprovechar el espacio de nuestro blog para presentaros a algunos de nuestros colaboradores. Hoy le toca el turno a que nos ofreció la oportunidad de realizar una promoción conjunta en sus tiendas durante 2017 y a quienes queríamos felicitar por su crecimiento. 

Se trata de un grow shop joven, que con solo 6 años de vida ha conseguido establecerse en lo más alto entre...

Curso de auto cultivo Online
by Roberto Kannabia on 29/11/17

El próximo viernes 1 de diciembre de 17:00 a 18:00 horas tendrá lugar de la mano de Kannabia y YesWeSkunk la presentación del Curso de autocultivo online en la feria ExpoWeed Chile con la colaboración de Marco Merino, cannabicultor y profesor de cultivos personales de Fundación Daya.

¿Sabías como preparar esquejes correctamente?
by Redacción on 22/11/17

When people talk about cuttings or clones, they are referring to a small branch from a mother plant in the growth period, which is cut and takes root.
Many growers prefer to use cuttings instead of seeds to start their home grow, since the clones have proven genetics, and their characteristics and behaviour are a known quantity.
In order to have a supply of a trusted plant the mother plant must be maintained in a stage of vegetative growth with a photoperiod of 18 hours of light...

Qué necesitas saber para obtener una buena cosecha
by Redacción on 15/11/17

The first sign the plant gives that the time has come to cut it will be the amount of trichomes in the buds that have changed colour, usually to an orange-brown or amber colour. The optimum time to harvest marijuana would be when between 40% and 70% have changed colour, not before. It is at this time when THC levels are usually the highest. 

With the aid of a microscope we can study the color of the trichomes, if they show a whitish colour it is a sign that they are not mature. 

Etapas del autocultivo de cannabis
by Redacción on 08/11/17

The length of time it takes for a cannabis crop to develop varies from one variety to another, but all pass through the same phases. It is essential to adapt to the different needs of the plant at all times to ensure the success of a home grow. In this guide, the staging has been listed as follows: germination, growth phase, flowering phase and harvest.


There are two ways to obtain plants for a home grow. Through germination, or through the procurement of cuttings. In...

¿Qué necesidades de aire tiene tu autocultivo?
by Redacción on 02/11/17

When talking about ventilation needs for a home grow, We are mainly concerned with the needs of air in marijuana seeds indoor cultivation, because naturally outdoors the air circulates freely and there are not as many factors affecting this.

In an indoor grow, high power lamps are often used which produce a lot of heat. As a result the temperature of the grow space can rise in excess, as it is usually a small place. Outdoors, the amount of...

Better Than the Sun:  Growing With LEDs
2 Grow
by Webmaster Kannabia on 25/10/17
The BEST Way To Grow!

By: Jennawae McLean

There was a time when a super-hot HPS light was the only option for indoor growers. Who isn’t familiar with the bright yellow glow and warmth of a room full of HPS lights with oscillating fans blowing the hot, humid air all around the room? It takes a lot of energy to mimic the sun (which you will notice pretty quickly on your steep electricity bills). Not to mention the cost of regularly replacing burnt out bulbs as well as all the other...

La importancia de realizar una poda correcta
by Redacción on 25/10/17

Marijuana plants are pruned to increase the production of flowers by different means. One objective of pruning may be to limit the height of the plant, forcing it to grow sideways and to widen. Pruning is used in both interior and exterior cultivations and the technique used depends entirely on your needs. The ideal time for pruning is dependant on the type of pruning you are doing. The type of plant should also be taken into account when deciding whether or not to prune....

¡Marihuana hermafrodita! ¿Qué hacer y por qué sucede?
by Redacción on 18/10/17

For a cultivator it´s vital to recognise the signs of hermaphroditism in a plant, as it can ruin a home grow.

A hermaphrodite plant is one that develops both feminine and masculine flowers. This process is not exclusive to cannabis and is actually quite common in nature. The result is that the quality and quantity of the final product are influenced by the production of marijuana seeds.

To detect these changes in time, the plant should...

Evita las plagas y hongos de tu planta
by Redacción on 11/10/17

There are many factors that can negatively affect the development of the marijuana seed. Prevention is fundamental, but if that is not enough, we have to move on to identification, control and elimination. For this, it is necessary to periodically check the plant and keep your grow weed-free to make access difficult for pests. 

We´ll divide this into two sections: Pests and Fungus


Red Spider Mite:

This pest is the most...