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El CBD puede contrarrestar los efectos del THC. ¡Palabra de doctor!
by Pippi Contini on 19/03/18

Much is claimed of CBD and on various occasions it has been affirmed that amongst its characteristics it has the potential to counteract the effects of THC. We wanted to dig deeper into the subject, speaking to doctor Mariano Garcia de Palau, registered physician, member of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis and Medical Director of Kalapa Clinic.

What does science think?

We asked him what the truth is of these claims, and the implication this has in the medical use of cannabis.
Not all authors really think that CBD moderates THC. For example the Canadians say, no, not really…. We think yes, depending on the dose, but yes, clinical experience shows this, Some 1000 patients have passed through here (the Kalapa Clinic) and not one of them gets high. If we were performing the treatments with just THC, there would be a lot of people getting high.

Is it for this reason that in the therapeutic field,  a...

by Redacción on 20/02/18

El banco de semillas Kannabia Seeds continúa apoyando a pacientes que cultivan sus propias plantas para uso medicinal, esta vez con una importante donación de semillas, beneficiando a todos aquellos que se traten dolencias y patologías con cannabis, mejorando su calidad de vida.

“Estamos felices de poder colaborar con Fundación Daya y entregar nuestras semillas de excelente calidad, para brindar apoyo a aquellos pacientes que necesitan de ellas”, afirma Zoe,...

Cannabis pour l’autisme, une thérapie possible?
by Pippi Contini on 14/02/18

In the last few years, in various parts of the world, reports are multiplying of parents telling how the use of cannabis for their autistic children has significantly improved their quality of life, having a marked impact, above all, in the reduction of hypersensitivity, hyperactivity and self-harming and in the improvement of communication barriers associated with this condition.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS) is a neurological (and development)...

20.000 hectares to cultivate cannabis
by Pippi Contini on 17/01/18

Spanish Ministry of Health grants six licenses to cultivate for therapeutic and research purposes.

In the last couple of months, the Spanish Ministry of Health has granted six licenses to cultivate 20,000 hectares of cannabis for therapeutic and experimental purposes.

Due to these being narcotic substances, neither the Medicines Agency, nor the companies involved are giving much away about this new chapter of therapeutic cannabis in Spain, telling media that they risk losing...

How long does THC stay in the saliva?
by Laura Rueda on 12/01/18

How do the active ingredients of cannabis behave in our body when they come into contact with our blood? Are there tests that can positively prove the presence of cannabis in the days and hours after we have consumed it?
I am sure we have all more then once asked ourselves these type of questions.

We are all now totally accustomed to police checks for alcohol on the roads. And people that drink alcohol tend to know how many glasses of beer or wine or other drinks they can have...

Carta abierta del Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen a Rick Simpson (traducción)
by OECM on 10/01/18

Dear Rick Simpson,

You are probably the most well-known personality when it comes to the medical use of cannabis by cancer patients. Many desperate individuals, suffering from cancer and other serious maladies, put their trust in you and place great hope in your advice.

You are aware of this responsibility when you write in your book, Rick Simpson Oil – Nature’s Answer for Cancer, “I think anyone including myself, if put in a position of public trust, should expect to have...

La Organización Mundial de la Salud confirma el potencial terapéutico del CBD
by Pippi Contini on 19/12/17

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations agency for the management of prevention, promotion and intervention policies in ​​health, has declared that CBD is safe, non-addictive and has a high therapeutic potential.

Due to the growing interest of UN Member States in the medical use of cannabis, for the last few years WHO has endeavored to gather solid scientific evidence on both the therapeutic use and side effects of cannabis and its components. 

The initial...

Congress approves creation of sub-commission to study therapeutic cannabis treatments
by Pippi Contini on 01/12/17

With 36 votes in favor and just 1 against, Last Tuesday Congress approved the creation of a Subcommittee of the Commission of Health and Social Services of the Chamber to study therapeutic treatments with cannabis and its derivatives.
The initiative, presented in April by the Parliamentary Group of Citizens, highlights the fact that in Spain many patients find relief from the symptoms of their diseases with the use of cannabis and intends to "Create a Subcommittee, within the...

3rd International Medicinal Cannabis Seminar of Santiago de Chile organized by Daya Foundation with the participation of Dr. Manuel Guzmán
by Fundación Daya on 30/11/17

Dr. Manuel Guzmán: "We already have a knowledge of the real therapeutic action of cannabis, which is indisputable"

As part of the review of the best moments of the III International Seminar of Medicinal Cannabis of Santiago de Chile organized by Daya Foundation, we bring you a summary of the presentation of Dr. Manuel Guzmán (Spain), researcher and professor of Biochemistry and Biology Molecular in the Complutense University of Madrid. Licentiate (1986) and Doctor (1990) in Biological...

La historia de Nicky (2009-2017): El perro pionero en el uso del cannabis medicinal en Latinoamérica
by Fundación Daya on 29/11/17

Nicky will be remembered as one of the pioneering animals in the veterinary use of medicinal cannabis in Latin America, due to the successful cannabis-based treatment used to manage his epilepsy, an illness that was diagnosed at two years of age, and over time stopped responding to traditional medicines.

A native of Temuco, Nicky arrived at the home of Eduardo Rodríguez and Carol Cárcamo in Arica, a city in the extreme north of Chile, as a puppy of a month...

Enfermeras investigan sobre la calidad de vida en adultos mayores que utilizan cannabis con fines medicinales
by Fundación Daya on 15/11/17

Motivated by the social and educational role that good health professionals must fulfill, nursing students Tamara Albertazzo, Pamela Carrasco, María José Figueroa and Carmen Sanhueza, decided to make their nursing degree thesis subject: "Quality of life of older adults who use alternative therapies with products derived from cannabis "

This work, which makes them pioneers in research on the medicinal use of cannabis by nurses Chile, seemed interesting and was...