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Reino Unido da los primeros pasos para legalizar el cannabis terapéutico
by Laura Rueda on 03/08/18

Sajid Javid, the UK Home Secretary, announced a few days ago that the UK will begin to allow prescriptions of cannabis-derived medicines for patients “with an exceptional need.” These measures will become effective in the autumn.

Two high profile cases of children with epilepsy

In the UK there have been two highly publicised cases of children with refractory epilepsy whose families requested cannabis-based oil: Billy Caldwell, 12 years old, and Alfie Dingley, aged 6. The mother of the first has lead a media campaign, thanks to which the Department of Health granted an emergency license to the child. However, this concession obliged the family to travel to the hospital in Belfast twice a day, which is two hours away from their home in Castlederg, a journey of 8 hours a day.

Revision of failing legislation

Thanks to the urgency of these two cases, the...

Cannabis medicinal, recreativo y light, descubre cuáles son legales en Italia
by Laura Rueda on 18/07/18

Medicinal cannabis has been legal In Italy since 2013 and cannabis light triumphing amongst its citizens since 2017, quickly becoming a stable and highly profitable business. Although low THC marijuana is a positive step towards raising awareness and breaking the stigma of the plant, there are still steps to be taken so that recreational cannabis can be regulated. In this post we’ll look at the legal status of cannabis in this Mediterranean peninsula


AdvoCanna, routine de beauté cannabique
by Laura Rueda on 16/07/18

The cosmetics industry is a new market niche in countries where cannabis is legal. CBD as a main ingredient against aging. Advocanna is a line line of creams made in the US for daily skin care routine. Its creators, Kim and Alexandra, promise that this cannabinoid will make our complexions look younger, healthier and fresher. Their products are free from THC and are legal at a federal level

After many year using beauty products, Kim and...

El instituto nacional del cáncer reconoce que el cannabis elimina células cancerígenas
by Laura Rueda on 09/07/18

The NCI (National Institute of Cancer) US has published on its website a highly positive study on the future of cannabis as an ally in the treatment of this disease. This research shows that cannabis may kill (and has killed) cancerous cells. At the moment these results are provisional, since they are preclinical studies tested on rodents and in vitro cells, and not in human beings

This is the leading institution in the US in the...

Inglaterra evalúa permitir uso de cannabis medicinal
by Fundación Daya on 27/06/18

Tras conocerse el caso de Billy, un niño de 12 años con epilepsia el gobierno inglés decidió revisar la legislación para presentar cambios que eviten casos como este.

La semana pasada Billy Caldwell de 12 años debió ser hospitalizado después de que las autoridades británicas le confiscaran su aceite de cannabis, que utilizaba como tratamiento para la epilepsia. La madre de Billy decidió viajar a Canadá para obtener el medicamento, después de que le prohibieran a su médico seguir...

CASO REAL: Cannabis medicinal contra la fibromialgia
by Fundación Daya on 27/06/18

Hace cinco años Lorna Aguirre fue diagnosticada con fibromialgia, una enfermedad que se caracteriza por producir mucho dolor muscular y fatiga. Probó todas las terapias y fármacos posibles, pero nada hizo efecto hasta que comenzó tratamiento con cannabis CBD. A continuación, su testimonio.

Lorna Aguirre Diaz vive en Arica y fue diagnosticada con fibromialgia el año 2013. “Desde hace mucho tiempo empecé a...

Pleasure Peaks: Sexo y Cannabis
by Laura Rueda on 27/06/18

Cannabis and sexual health. We love to see that in other latitudes where the plant is regularized, there are women who continue to investigate the benefits and possibilities of this combination. Pleasure Peaks or Picos de Placer is the project of Antuanette Gomez, an international specialist in tantric sex, sexual health and cannabis. In addition to being a defender of women's rights, she fights against sexual oppression.


Cannabis light, la revolución del CBD
by Laura Rueda on 26/06/18

CBD is in fashion. Its use and properties are all the trend right now. This is not a war between cannabinoids, more that we are witnessing a key moment of CBD, demonstrating its therapeutic benefits to the world with a new variety of marijuana. Cannabis light is causing a revolution in countries such as Switzerland, France and Italy. The key? Its low percentage of THC, the psychoactive substance of the plant, compensated by its high levels of CBD, known for its medicinal properties...

Cannabis medicinal: "Mi mamá ya no siente dolor”
by Fundación Daya on 19/06/18

Virginia Rodríguez es la cuidadora principal de su mamá, Blanca Aurora Pávez, quien hace tres años fue diagnosticada con un sarcoma con metástasis. El síntoma principal de Blanca era el dolor, uno tan intenso que hacía todo imposible. Hace un año que se trata con cannabis y el dolor desapareció por completo. A continuación, su testimonio.

Blanca Aurora Pávez tiene 87 años y camina sin problema. “Hace mucho tiempo que ya no siento dolor”, dice mientras sonríe. Su hija, Virginia...

La cadena de supermercados Lidl vende cannabis en Suiza
by Laura Rueda on 14/06/18

On the 19th April 2018, the supermarket chain Lidl issued a press statement with the title "Lidl Switzerland brings cannabidiol products to its stores". In this statement, the German company announced that it was extending its range to include two items with cannabidiol (CBD) from the startup The Botanicals.  Made from cannabis cultivated in Switzerland, and considered by the supermarket as a tobacco substitute, these products are produced using sustainable farming and without any...

Abre en Málaga la primera tienda especializada en productos de marihuana y CBD de España
by Orders Kannabia on 08/06/18

El jueves 7 de junio se inauguró I joint CBD, una franquicia pionera que espera llevar por todo el país su amplio catálogo de derivados del cáñamo legal: CBD medicinal, productos alimenticios, ropa, bio cosmética, merchandising… La revolución está aquí y tiene sede en la Costa del Sol.

El cáñamo está viviendo una nueva época de esplendor, en parte, gracias a las pasiones que despierta el CBD....